About us

Real estate marketing is not like the old days. The new technology can make your things easier. The market is flooded with buyers and properties. Also it is quite challenging. But if you have a way to sell the property to your customers very attractively, it won’t be hard to grab them. Our comprehensive service includes high end architectural and interior property such as commercial buildings, residences etc re touching and also exterior landscape re touching, 2D/3D floor plans, textured floor plans, 360 Panorama virtual tours and many more.

Gives You

  • Carefully attention for all of your orders and your requirements.
  • QC process will ensure that your orders comes to you in perfect condition.
  • 24 hours client support service.
  • High quality image re touching and CAD drawing service with the latest and updated software tools.
  • Dedicated staff for your marketing campaign.
  • Fast and high quality service with flexible terms and lowest prices.
  • Free Amendments for images and floor plans.
  • 24 hour turnaround time.
PSM has the latest software, high speed internet (4G), backup storage capacity (customer could be retrieved past orders at any time) and high quality hardware items.